The designer of the brand st NIAN, Nihan Buruk, was born in Istanbul in 1983.

She studied "Fashion and Textile Design" at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Yeditepe University in Istanbul. During her university studies, she was elected "Miss Pantene" in 2001 and "Miss Turkey" in 2002.
After graduating in Fashion and Textile Design in 2007, she created her own fashion brand st NIAN; with a vision focused on various social, cultural and ecological aspects. Her values and origins are reflected in her designs.

Nihan Buruk stands out for her sensitivity towards social responsibility projects. During her career as a designer, she has created various fashion collections focusing on current issues such as the right to water and the abolition of violence against women.
A vision, but also actions.
The importance of materials is a pillar in the creation of the collections. st NIAN agrees to want to convey through its creations the lifestyle of women and men.
In 2021, st NIAN opened two boutiques in Paris.
"Because of this show, we got to see a political statement, not just a well-tailored jacket."

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